Anthony J. Salomone

Anthony J. Salomone has been in the business of brand-building for over 30 years. Brand-building combined with the required skill sets to take a product from its inception and navigating it through the challenging channel member scenario that is part of the world of consumer package goods. Anthony began his sales & marketing career in the fine wine trade upon graduation from Pace University in New York City. He stepped into the role of Sales Manager for the family-run wholesale wine business in the mid-1970s. Pricing, programming, sales & marketing promotions along with a key focus on branding and forging relationships throughout with the channel members in the multi-tier system that is the beverage alcohol industry throughout the U.S. served as the hallmark and foundation for Anthony’s rapid rise and notoriety as a brand builder and brand champion on the East Coast.
Having migrated to the West Coast in the early 1980s, Anthony took on senior sales & marketing positions with the E. & J. Gallo Winery and the Heublein Corp., both large ‘drinks’ brand owners. With a keen on market segmentation and brand positioning, Anthony was able to successfully guide the growth of many portfolios within the Gallo wine stable of brands as well as many of the priority spirits brands at Heublein. E & J Brandy, Bartles & Jaymes and The Sonoma Collection of Gallo Estate Wines were among the brands that Anthony took pride in developing from concept to creation and from product to brand status. Such prestigious spirits brands as Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey and The Club Cocktails along with the portfolio of fine wines from the Inglenook Napa property of Heublein gave Anthony an opportunity to manage brands, branding, brand positioning and the marketing strategy behind the sales success of each of these national brands.
Following two successful tours of duty in both senior sales & marketing positions at the distributor level, Anthony began his entrepreneurial career as a broker of wine, spirits and non-alcohol beverages. He introduced to the sales portfolio of both distributors a line of non-alcohol mixers, mineral waters and juices. It was in this role that Anthony developed the skill sets that applied to the marketing & sales execution of these beverage related items.
When Anthony J. Salomone and his wife undertook the mission of brand-building within the confines of a brokerage company here in California in 2007, there were opportunities to work and develop marketing & sales plans for non-beverage alcohol products and brands that were attracted to the business model of SALO Wine & Spirits as well as several emerging brands of note within the world of wine & spirits.
Over the last 10 years, SALO Wine & Spirits has pioneered the Marlborough, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc category. The line of fine wines from the BABICH Family Vineyards has secured its rightful and proud position as a category leader in the $10-$15 price category. The infused Whiskey category has seen rapid growth in the last 5 years and SALO Wine & Spirits has positioned the portfolio of infused Whiskeys from BEACH Whiskeys into the spotlight and into the mainstream of this popular spirits category.
A line of natural, organic juices gave us a chance to work within the same trade channel, that of the On-Sale arena, with a line of juices that competed favorably with ‘the big boys,’ i.e. Minute Maid. The STOCKHOLM JUICE CO. became a major source for restaurants, hotels and casinos in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas from 2010 to 2014. The brand was subsequently sold to a large beverage company after it attained a sizable share of market in its category.
Anthony is now poised to take companies and brands to the next level with his expertise in brand development, brand positioning and marketing & sales execution.
Together with Partnership Brand Management, we can combine skill sets, experiences and successes in the world of brand development to the benefit of your organization.