Alex Petrov

For more than two decades, Alex has been launching new businesses, building global consumer brands and leading high performance teams as an executive at PayPal, Safeway and Nestlé. He holds an MBA from UCLA. Alex was surprised when his doctor delivered some unexpected news during a routine visit in 2013: He was diagnosed with prediabetes and potentially on his way to a life reliant on medication. Alex was determined to turn his health around, but knew he’d need support along the way. He wanted a program that was fun and motivating. It also needed to match his on-the-go lifestyle. When he didn’t find what he was looking for–and when he discovered 86 million other people were in his same boat–he decided to start his own. Alex handpicked a team of experts in medicine, technology and consumer products to help him create a revolutionary new mobile diabetes prevention program that works. When he’s not helping people change their lives and prevent diabetes, Alex can be found riding his mountain bike, going on hikes with his wife and being the best dad possible to his three children.