What Clients are Saying

 “We are extremely pleased with Greg’s and PBM’s work for us in the area of channel innovation and channel development. As the world's largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, we are constantly looking at new ways to innovate, create new products and gain new distribution. Greg and his team were influential in identifying the movie theater industry channel opportunity for us. They achieved a 10-week test market program for the Dole 'Real Fruit Bites' brand in three regions throughout the country, with a global industry leading top-three movie theatre chain. The results were very positive with tremendous consumer interest as well. This program has been a tremendous success for our management team and essentially we got exactly what we wanted.”

Stuart McAllister, Vice President of Marketing, Foodservice
Dole Packaged Foods, LLC

“As we continue to grow and expand in the theme park business, it is important that we build a solid alliance with key marketing partners. PBM Marketing Solutions was instrumental in helping us research, negotiate and ultimately secure Volvo Cars of North America as our national marketing partner. Not only was Greg and PBM able to bring such a large and valued partner to LEGOLAND California, but the partnership was key in taking our brand into the all-important automotive channel of distribution. This marketing program provides us the ability to reach consumers at Volvo auto dealers, at key auto shows nationwide, as well as deliver incremental marketing exposure we would otherwise not have.”

Robert Baracz, Director of Marketing and Sales
LEGOLAND, California

“At Volvo, we are constantly looking for marketing partners that make sense to further our brand. When Greg and PBM presented us with the opportunity to create a marketing partnership with LEGOLAND California, it made perfect sense in aligning both brands together. Not only does this marketing alliance provide us with added value, it also allows consumers in the theme park channel to become exposed and acquainted with the Volvo brand, as well as some of our flagship vehicles. PBM Marketing Solutions was instrumental in delivering this marketing partnership opportunity to Volvo and was very detailed in managing the entire process, ensuring that all of our needs were met and any concerns were never overlooked – and that's a value that can't be under-estimated.”

Jay Hamill, Product Launch and Consumer Events
Volvo Cars of North America

“PBM Marketing Solutions was enormously helpful in working with me and our marketing team to create marketing programs and alliances which expanded our product offerings to consumers. Through PBM Marketing, Greg teamed with a diversified group of marketing professionals that worked with our key customers, Universal and Disney, to develop new value-added programs, in addition to trade show presentation materials, media training and public relations activities."

Michael Kent, General Manager
Kodak Themed Entertainment

"With its experience in home entertainment and knowledge of the consumer product goods arena, PBM brought Fox Home Entertainment an opportunity to partner with ConAgra Foods on the DVD release of LIKE MIKE. PBM was crucial at brokering the deal and bringing together both companies to develop a mutually beneficial joint sales program. The partnership resulted in broader exposure for LIKE MIKE and most importantly, expanded sales."

Anna Dodd, Senior Vice President, International Promotions
Twentieth Century Fox Theatrical

"Greg and his team were consistently able to step in at a moments notice to support the complexities and diverse needs of a small marketing department within our large corporation -- never once missing a beat. Through Greg's leadership and ease at building strategic relationships, Kodak's partnerships with Alamo, Universal Studios, Disney, and American Express became forefront in the mind of consumers -- exactly where we want to be."

Jennifer Kessler, Worldwide Director of Marketing
Kodak Themed Entertainment

"Greg and PBM Marketing presented us with a strong opportunity to penetrate new distribution channels in creating a marketing alliance for Sony Wonder. Pairing the Nestle NesQuik brand and our newest 6.2 oz. SKU with the Sony Wonder Easter brand of videos helped to further expand awareness for consumers in the music, audio, video and toy channels of the NesQuik brand. PBM also helped to spearhead the creation of a joint selling program in which both Sony Wonder and Nestle sales executives worked together to help increase joint distribution and increased retailer acceptance of both brands. Importantly, throughout the entire program PBM gave Nestle outstanding account service, staying on top of every issue."

Alex Petrov, E-Commerce and New Channel Ventures
Nestle Beverage Division, Nestle USA

"Our biggest challenge in finding a marketing partner for the MGM Halloween promotion, was to find a strong strategic fit that would create incremental awareness. With a limited budget and an even smaller timeframe, PBM created and managed a strong marketing program for us featuring the Miller Brewing Company. Not only did PBM come through from a strategic perspective, but they increased our audience exposure within 40,000 retail outlets nationwide, creating a real value for both MGM and Miller Brewing. We were very pleased with PBM's ability to secure a very large top brand to partner with MGM."

Blake Thomas, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Marketing
MGM Home Entertainment

"Cost efficiency and value are the traits that stand out most in teaming with PBM Marketing Solutions. Working within a minimal budget, PBM exceeded our marketing goals and expectations by rewarding us with a major international food company partnership, bringing us expanded marketing awareness through in-store and on-pack exposure, as well as providing national media value. PBM's ability to negotiate incremental marketing exposure continues to bring our products to a larger consumer base while providing ongoing recognition for the Wham-O brand within market areas and outlets we had yet to have the resources to focus upon."

Scott Masline, Senior Vice President, Marketing
Wham-O, Inc.