about us

For nearly two decades, Partnership Brand Management has been a pioneer and leader in developing corporate business strategic alliances and brand development. With a focus on guiding companies in establishing their competitive advantages and differentiation, we create corporate brand platforms to identify growth opportunities for national and international leading companies and brands.

By matching up brand equity assets and customer profiles, new markets and industries are identified to position companies to expand into new business channel segments. This results in acquiring new customers where companies and brands do not compete while showcasing an ownable and sustainable position in the marketplace for the companies and brands we work with.

what we do


Corporate Business Strategic Alliances – Open new channels of distribution and create new business growth opportunities by aligning two global-leading corporations, each with their own brand equity and equity in their distribution and customer profiles. This strategy results in new customers, new markets, new industries, and new sales, generating significant expanded revenue and corporate valuation.


Brand Positioning and Development – Brand assessment, brand development, and brand positioning to identify and secure an Ownable, Sustainable, Leverageable, and Extendable position in the global marketplace.


Executive Strategy Development – Working with company senior leadership teams, new corporate business strategies are identified to further leverage company expansion and distribution, as well as align corporate structures and positioning.